Sodium chloride
NaCl, Natrum muriaticum
Formula: ClNa Molecular Weight: 58.443 Cas No:7647-14-5
Hydrophilic Thickener; Bulking agent

Sodium chloride has been shown to have a certain degree of acne and irritation in many sources, this is mainly due to its concentration and usage. The iodine in sodium chloride is positively correlated with acne. High concentration Sodium chloride is easy to clog pores, and some skins directly apply coarse salt on the face is easy to cause acne due to excessive stimulation. However, these are more extreme cases and generally do not have this concern, so we use instructions instead of directly mark the rating.
Chemical formula
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This is a 5 on the comedogenic scale :)

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Really? Salt is comedogenic???

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管理员 氯化钠是高度粉刺(5)(刺激0-3)。所以请更改数据。谢谢。^_^

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Salt gives you acne! Try to avoid this ingredient! It is in many foundations like MUFE, Kat Von D, Clinique, etc... Believe me, I really want to use them, but because of this goddam ingredient I can't...

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