About Comedogenic (Acne), Irritation and Safety

Comedogenic: <-- The lower the probability 0~5 The higher the probability -->

Irritation: <-- The lower the probability 0~5 The higher the probability -->

Safety index from 1~10 , the lower number means this ingredient is low hazard. Unlike comedogenic and irritation, Safety is a comprehensive index focus on safety on long term usage, according to harmful report from CIR, RTECS, FDA and other related information. The purpose of the index is more inclined to assess whether long-term injury of skin, cells or the human body.

Our data source include international experts, institutions and publications. If any the three column is blank, this meas there is no data (not indicate the ingredient is safe or unsafe).

We want to remind our user, the effect of cosmetics depends on concentration, quality, process and mutual influence of ingredients. The skin condition of each person are different (even constantly changing), pay attention and understand the ingredients is a right attitude, but you still need professional physicians to diagnose skin problems.

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