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2016-05-11 19:30
Have anyone found a sunscreen without andre cloging or irritating ingredients?
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2016-06-01 14:02
no i not seen any sunscreen like that type you mention in your post......sorryy
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2016-06-27 03:00
I use Badger's sport SPF 35 sunscreen. I would say it doesn't irritate my skin, didn't have any bad reaction.
I have combination skin, dry-normal/sensitive/acne prone skin. I used a hydrating toner and emulsion before putting on this sunscreen, and use double cleaning on face after to clean it. My current acne( before I bought this sunscreen) wasn't inflamed or irritated from it. Rather, my pimple is subsiding with the skincare.

Badger has Zinc Oxide which, to my knowledge, doesn't absorb the sunscreen into the skin and fully reflects the sun rays. Also is non-nano, no perfume, 98% organic. The sunscreen also is a bit white to skin since it doesn't absorb.

Non medicinal ingredients are Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Cera alba (beeswax), simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil and tocopherol (sunflower vitamin E).

Like any sunscreen though, you should probably give a good cleaning for clean face after wearing it to completely remove anything.

You can read more about zinc oxide sunscreen here http://www.badgerbalm.com/s-33-zinc-oxide-sunscreen-nanoparticles.aspx
Last edited: 2016-06-27 04:28
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