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Moistruizer without fatty alcohols for oily/ sensitive skin
2020-08-11 11:25
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My skin is a bit dehydrated right now (oily/normal - sensitive), due to me using a cleanser that just wasn't for me (I'm looking at you holifrog), I literally only used it for 4 days but my skin felt tight when washing. I went back to my original, bare bones routine (TO's Squalane Cleanser), yet I still feel tight every time I wash. I have used this cleanser for months now so I know its not it, so I think its time to finally incorporate a moisturizer into my routine again. The only problem is is that I also have some breakouts right now and really, I do not need any others so I'd like to stay away from fatty alcohols.
I'm also allergic to niacinamide, tocopherol (acetate, but not tocopherol). I also don't really like heavy creams either. Thanks for any recs

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2020-08-12 06:04
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Try Sebamed clear face gel. Minimal ingredients and designed to help repair the moisture barrier. It’s not very occlusive so if you’re not sensitive to squalane, you could top it off with the squalane oil from The Ordinary. Or the rosehip oil. Both are meant to be non-comedogenic, but you can never be sure til you test it.

2021-10-11 20:48
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Try ishonest hydrate series for oily or oily problematic skin

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