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Is an app that allows you to scan a barcode possible?
2019-12-07 20:42
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I have no idea where else to ask this, so apologies if it’s inappropriate.

I can’t help thinking an app that uses this database and can access the list of ingredients for a product and their ratings simply from scanning a barcode would be useful. Limited to products already put on this site, but still useful.

I would be willing to try and make one, but I doubt I can alone. I don’t want to step on toes. I just want to try and give back to this site and its users, and this idea occurred to me.

I’d be grateful for any feedback/thoughts. If I’m stepping on toes, mea culpa and I’ll drop it, of course. ^_^

I would love for to have an app! - Alex_18 2020-05-31
2019-12-26 22:58
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I have also been thinking of creating something like this! Unfortunately, I have no idea where to even start as far as the IT involved in creating an App goes :p

2019-12-27 13:39
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Some startup may have already tried to pursue custom scannable codes for cosmetic product ingredients, but getting brands to utilize it on product packaging would prove very difficult; unless current product barcodes happened to already include ingredient info like some food products with diet tracking apps.

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Hey there! Don't worry, you're not bothering anyone. Losing a phone is always tough, especially when you lose some of your favorite apps. - LisaAdams 2023-03-16
2020-02-19 23:24
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Hey guys! The app is called “think dirty” you can scan anything with a barcode and I’ve had luck with pretty much every cosmetic or cleaning product in my house!

Thank you! - beautybyaimee 2020-04-17
I foind this app not as usefull as this site. Many products are missing there - Ivetka 2020-05-01
I agree with Ivetka! I don't like the think dirty app nearly as much as this website! I just wish had an app. It would be so useful and convenient! - Alex_18 2020-05-31
2023-03-16 10:45
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Hey guys. Sorry for bothering you. I need your advice on s good scanning app. I've recently lost my iPhone, where I had just an excellent scanning app, and now I use Android (my son's second phone), where this app is not supported. I'd be grateful for any reasonable options. TIA!

2023-03-16 12:29
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Hey there! Don't worry, you're not bothering anyone. Losing a phone is always tough, especially when you lose some of your favorite apps. As for a good scanning app for Android, I'd recommend checking out Adobe Scan or Both are pretty user-friendly and work great. Btw, the last app is an eco-friendly document scanning option. They offer an automatic and eco-friendly document scanning and OCR service. Hope that helps! And just so you know, I'm new here too.

Last edited: 2023-03-20 10:40

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