Moisturizer with zero acne and irritants on list
2020-11-05 02:43
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the Krave Oat So Simple works really well for some, but not all. I like Great Barrier Relief better personally

2020-11-23 10:12
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Any lip balms too?

2021-02-27 08:48
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LoviseNyh said:
The Avéne Extreme Emulsion! super lightweight and feels so good on the skin. non-greasy! Also called Avéne Toleránce emulsion some places

I've seen a lot of people say the Tolerance extrême cleansing milk is a dupe of this, but way cheaper. They use the cleansing product as a moisturizer and apparently it feels the same. Do you have any experience of this being true or false?

2021-03-17 20:46
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Ghost Democracy - Invisible Lightweight Daily Face Sunscreen SPF 33
Ghost Democracy - Clean: Lightweight Daily Face Moisturizer
Supergoop!® Unseen Sunscreen
Farm Rx Super Greens Cooling Gel
Coola Full Spectrum 360° Refreshing Water Mist Sunscreen SPF 18
Coola SPF 30 Rosilliance Organic BB Cream

Supergoop gave me acne - Luna Sharks 2022-02-24
2021-03-18 09:49
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Onerealhero said:
Need a moisturizer with no acne or irritants on the list when you pull it up in here. I have more of a dry skin type

Rovectin Clean Lotus - 0/0

2021-03-19 11:04
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Facetheory Supergel Oil-free Moisturiser M3 for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

2021-03-29 01:17
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Sebamed clear face clear gel

2021-10-11 20:43
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Try ishonest hydrate series

Is this recommended for 75+ super-mature skin? Looking something for my mom! - claudiashannon 2021-10-15
2021-11-05 22:50
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I would recommend you try this. It takes a week to kick in the results. They are just wow!!!

2022-02-24 07:18
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I love glow recipe watermelon moisturizer if your skin can tolerate fragrance.

I need to try neutrogena hydro boost hylauronic gel moisturizer heard good things about it.

2022-05-25 15:39
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What moisturizers are good to use with a strong prescription of tretinoin? Some times my face gets dried out. What moisturizer is the best for lily skin and a strong % of tretinoin?

2022-06-18 01:09
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After years of research, I have finally developed the perfect skincare routine for acne-prone skin. Absolutely no pore clogging or irritating ingredients of any kind. Everything passes the CosDNA test. Enjoy.

- Sebamed Fragrance Free Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
- First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay

- Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel
- Ghost Democracy Clean
 Lightweight Daily Face Moisturizer

- Ghost Democracy Invisible Lightweight Daily Face Sunscreen SPF 33

- First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum
- Ghost Democracy Floodgate: Hylauronic Acid Serum

Shaving Cream:
- M. Skin Care Caffeinated Shave Cream

Acne Mask:
- First Aid Beauty Pharma Calamine Pore Purging Mask

Acne Actives:
- Curology Custom Formula

Self Tanner:
- L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self Tan Drops

2022-06-30 03:49
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The Inkey List - Omega Moisturizing Water Cream is really good, i thought it was gonna be very greasy but it calmed down my acne a lot. I mix it with Vich 89 booster.

2022-09-28 02:24
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CLEAR Oil-free Moisturizer by Paula's Choice. I am sensitive to frickin' everything and this seems to be completely neutral.

2022-11-03 17:04
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Thanks, this is a great post! (y) (y) So many products are comedogenic on the market, it's really messy...

2023-01-28 22:14
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All Starlight Skin products have ingredients that are 0 on the acne scale and their moisturizers are very good.

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