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Elodie's Naturals Cleansing balm
Posted on 2023-10-16 , Data Source: Official Website
Ingredient Function Acne Irritant Safety
Helianthus annuus
Skin conditioning, Plant extract, Emollient 1
Prunus armeniaca
Polyglyceryl-4 oleate
Emulsifier 1
Glyceryl behenate
Emollient, Emulsifier 1-3
Natural Fragrance
Fragrance 4
Antioxidant 2-3 2 1
Caprylic Tryglycerides
No results
Glyceryl Stereate (wax)
No results
Hydrogenated Oil (wax)
No results
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The best cleanser and make-up remover
As someone with sensitive skin and rosacea, I need to be extra careful about what I put on my skin. This balm cleans well but gently, which I need, and doesn't leave my skin super dry and chapped, which is a bonus. Also, the product goes a long way so is a good value.

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