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Simple Refreshing gel Cleanser
Ingredient Function Acne Irritant Safety
Solvent 1
Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Surfactant, Viscosity Control, Antistatic 1-5
Propylene Glycol
Solvent, Viscosity Control, Moisturizer 0 0 3
Viscosity Control 1
Sodium chloride
Viscosity Control 0-3 1
Antistatic, Skin conditioning, Moisturizer, Anti-inflammatory 0 0 1
Disodium EDTA
Viscosity Control 1
Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
Preservative 5
Sodium Hydroxide
pH Adjusters 1-4
Moisturizer 1
No results
Citric Acid. Simple Skincare contains no animal derived .
No results
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I chose this because I hoped it would treat my inflamed face, but it didn't

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