SD Alcohol
SD Alcohol 40, SD Alcohol 40B, Denatured Alcohol, Alcohol Denat, Dehydrated Ethanol, Alcohol Denatured
Cas No:64-17-5
[1] James Whittall, MenEssentials President, \"Alcohol Anonymous\", 2004/11
[2] 張麗卿,『優質保養品選擇策略』,聯經出版社,2003/07/10。
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There are several grades of denatured alcohol, but the denaturants used are generally similar. The formulation for completely denatured alcohol, according to British regulations is typical:

Completely denatured alcohol must be made in accordance with the following formulation: with every 90 parts by volume of alcohol mix 9.5 parts by volume of methanol or a substitute for methanol and 0.5 parts by volume of crude pyridine, and to the resulting mixture add mineral naphtha (petroleum oil) in the proportion of 3.75 litres to every 1000 litres of the mixture and synthetic organic dyestuff (methyl violet) in the proportion of 1.5 grams to every 1000 litres of the mixture.

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Paula's Choice on denatured alcohol:
'When you see (denatured alcohol) listed among the first six ingredients on an ingredient label, without question they will aggravate and be cruel to skin. No way around that, it’s simply bad for all skin types. Consequences include dryness, erosion of the surface of skin (that’s really bad for skin), and a strain on how skin replenishes, renews, and rejuvenates itself. Alcohol just weakens everything about skin.

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The Paula's Choice comment is correct. It is best to avoid denatured alcohol entirely if possible.

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然怪混合乾性皮膚使用 沒有改善! 又被櫃姐騙了...

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Cosmetic formulations containing SD Alcohol 40-B (denatured with Denatonium Benzoate) were not sensitizers in repeated insult patch tests. A gel formula containing 29% SD Alcohol 40-B and a spray liquid containing 12% SD Alcohol 40-B did not induce photoallergy, dermal sensitization, or phototoxic response in human subjects.
SDアルコール40-B(Denatonium Benzoateで変性)を含有する化粧用製剤は、反復傷害パッチ試験において増感剤ではなかった。 29%SDアルコール40-Bおよび12%SDアルコール40-Bを含有するスプレー液を含むゲル配合物は、ヒト被験者において光アレルギー、皮膚感作または光毒性反応を誘発しなかった。

Because dermal application or inhalation of cosmetic products containing these ingredients will not produce significant systemic exposure to ethanol, the CIR Expert Panel concluded that safety of the ingredients should be predicated on the safety of the denaturants used. The Panel considered that the adverse effects knownto be associated with Alcohol ingestion included in this safety assessment do not suggest a concern for Alcohol Denat.

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