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Salvia Sclarea Oil
Clary Oil

Cas No:8016-63-5 ; 84775-83-7
Masking; Tonic
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【Clary Sage】

Benefits: Anti-Aging
Categories: Plant Extracts, Antioxidant

Also known as Salvia sclarea, the extract from the clary sage plant (not to be confused with common sage leaf) has antioxidant properties, although it isn't nearly as well researched as several other plant extracts with antioxidant benefits. Note that the oil form of clary sage can be a skin sensitizer and should be avoided. The main antioxidants in clary extract come from the seeds, and include vitamin E, lutein, and various carotenoids. Clary extract and its derivatives have generally recognized as safe status, including for use in foods.

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