Swertia Chirata Extract
Cas No:97766-44-4
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SWT-7™是一種針對自我再生幹細胞技術的新型抗衰老活性成分。受用於治療燒傷的重建組織工程的最新發現的影響,Lucas Meyer Cosmetic 開發了 SWT-7™,能夠刺激角質形成細胞增殖以再生薄表皮並改善老化和皺紋皮膚的外觀。這種前所未見的作用機制基於乾細胞科學,通過生長因子作用在脂肪來源的干細胞 (ADSC) 和角質形成細胞之間進行細胞間通訊。SWT-7™ 在 7 天內模糊了垂直皺紋的出現並減少了口紅遷移!

SWT-7™ is a new anti-aging active ingredient targeting self-regenerative stem cell technology. Influenced by the latest discoveries in reconstructive tissue engineering for the treatment of burn injury, Lucas Meyer Cosmetic has developed SWT-7™, capable of stimulating keratinocyte proliferation to regenerate thin epidermis and improve the look of aged and wrinkled skin. This never-seen before mechanism of action is based on stem cell science with a cell-to-cell communication between adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC) and keratinocytes through growth factor action. SWT-7™ blurs the appearance of vertical wrinkles in 7 days and reduces lipstick migration!


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