Nonirritating foundation that controls oil
2023-03-18 19:20

My foundation was discontinued. I have tried so many brands. My skin is itching and turning red from all of them. I then go back to my discontinued foundation, which I am trying to save, until I find a new one. My skin is fine with my old foundation. I have been doing this process for one year now.
Need help find a nonirritating foundation that is good for oily skin. I really need oil control too.
Any and all suggestions are welcome. This is so frustrating.

2023-04-17 23:31

I really like then Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Matte Foundation! I have sensitive skin that is acne prone and oily. I also like the Haus Labs Foundation for a more natural finish. I also love mixing them together (which is what I normally do everyday) to prevent my skin from getting too dry throughout the day with just the matte foundation. I also think that prepping and setting your face helps control oil! I use the elf griping primer with niacinamide and then I set my face with Laura Mercier talc-free translucent powder and the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. Sometimes for special events if I want my face to really stay matte I will set it with more powder on a puff after I use my setting spray.

2023-11-02 14:07

Thanks for the advice.

2023-11-07 13:07

I understand your frustration. It's essential to find a foundation suitable for your sensitive, oily skin. You might want to try foundations labeled "non-comedogenic" or "hypoallergenic." Brands like Neutrogena, Clinique, and BareMinerals offer such options. Additionally, mineral foundations are often gentle on the skin. Always do a patch test first to ensure it won't irritate your skin.

2024-01-24 18:05

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