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2022-02-25 19:29

I feel overwhelmed but can’t find a non acne irritating moisturizer or spf that doesn’t break me out. My skin was doing well with trentinoin but I added spf to my regimen, before I was using it cosmetics tinted moisturizer but some days I don’t want to wear that. Any suggestions? I tried la roche posay mineral sunscreen and supergoop glow screen they both broke me out. It’s so frustrating. As for moisturizer I’ve tried cerave but it burns my Skin and the curology one I don’t like the feeling, and la roche posay double repair broke me out. I am using the first aid beauty at the moment ultra repair at night but I see on cosdna it has some high scores and am afraid it’s going to also break me out, during the day Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer but it’s not hydrating enough. I’m seeking a moisturizer that won’t cause acne or irritate my sensitive skin using trentinoin for day use and night. A tinted sunscreen that Won’t cause pilling under makeup and non acne causing or irritating on its own. My skin type was dry-combo sensitive but now on trentinoin dry- sensitive.

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2022-02-27 07:28

the one and only moisturizer that really saved me from those horrific breakouts with tret was from Image. It's a little steep, but the bottle lasts a while, keeps you hydrated and is perfect for acne prone skin. The clear cell line was formulated for those with acne for morning and night :) hope this helps you the same!!

For a tinted moisturizer I also love Glo Beauty's hydrating tinted SPF:

Thank you so much for the link. I have placed an order from there. - LexieRobel 2024-02-08
2022-03-05 21:02

I've had really good luck with the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid line. Clean bill of health from cosdna. Cheap on Amazon too. You sound exactly like me. The stuff recommended to be non-acnegenic and GREAT to use with tretinoin breaks me out. But I also think my skin didn't like the blend curology had me on. I switched to straight tretinoin from Nurx.

2022-06-07 12:07

normally tretrinoin is used for a night time only due to stability of drugs. if you use both day and night time, i suggest you to stop using at day time and use for a night time only, apply moisturiser ( i use physiogel A.I. Lotion) the amount of tretrioin matters as well, using only pea size only!!!!

if you have acne, try Skinoren, it's 20% azelic acid which works for acne and can be used for day and night. and can be used with tretrionin at night time too.

try to add niacinamide with tretrinoin, it helps for irritation.

and sunscreen day time.

2024-03-05 19:29

Skin1004 Madagascar centella air-fit sunscreen light spf 30 pa++++ is perfect for acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin. It's non-organic (physical) sunscreen with zinc oxide, it has a very thin texture that blends well and doesn't leave much of a white cast. I use adapalene and benzoyl peroxide but this sunscreen doesn't irritate my skin or eyes. I've bought this product after Brute Choi recommended it for people who get cystic acne and it is truly non-comedogenic.
Sunscreen with a blue cap from this brand would be more suitable for dry skin but i haven't tried it yet.
For moisturizer i recommend Hada Labo premium hydration cream, it doesn't break me up but it's pretty moisturising and has squalane. It kinda makes my t-zone oilier but i have combo skin
For healing irritation i layer zinc paste on top of moistriser at night. I use cheap one, ypu could search for diaper cream

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2024-04-08 15:38

Thanks for the info.

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