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Aesculus Chinensis Extract/ CAS 6805-41-0
Shanghai Greaf Biotech Co.,Ltd is professional producer and manufacturer of aesculus chinensis extract in China, equipped with a productive factory of aesculus chinensis extract, welcome to wholesale our products.

Aesculus Chinensis Extract manufactured by us is for cosmetics use only. It is effective in strengthening blood vessel, promoting vascular microcirculation and reducing vascular permeability. It is a good blood streak scavenger, anti-edema agent, anti-wrinkle/ageing agent.

Chemical Information of Aesculus Chinensis Extract:

Trade Name: Redumatte ACE

INCI Name: Aesculus Chinensis Extract

Main Active Component: Aescin

CAS No.: 6805-41-0

Molecular Formula: C55H86O24

Molecular Weight: 1131.26

Specifications of Aesculus Chinensis Extract:

Appearance White to off-white, solid powder

Odor Almost odorless

Clarity and color Clear and colorless

pH 5.0-7.0

Loss on drying ≤ 2.0 %

Residue of ignition ≤ 0.5 %

Total saponins (HPLC) ≥10.0%

Total bacteria < 100 CFU/g

Yeast and mold < 10 CFU/g

Hg < 1 mg/kg

As < 2 mg/kg

Pb < 5 mg/kg

Package of Aesculus Chinensis Extract:

10.0kg(10 aluminum foil bags)/carton.
INCI: Aesculus Chinensis Extract

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