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SL-Whiting®C 280 1-Methylhydantoine-2-imide
SL-Whiting® C 280is an amino acid derivative occurring naturally in mammalian cells, which is a stable and gentle whitening ingredient withoutcytotoxicity.SL-Whiting® C 280 can directly inhibit tyrosinase activity, while inhibiting the transfer of melanin for its multiple whitening mechanism of synergy. The data shows that SL-Whiting® C 280 compare favorably with kojic acid.

INCI 1-Methylhydantoine-2-imide;


Alcohol-soluble and water-soluble at room temperature


The color of skin is mainly determined by the melanin content of keratinocytes.There are three whitening mechanisms according to the different stages of melaninformation.

1 Inhibiting tyrosinase formation

2 Inhibitingtyrosinase activity

3 Inhibitingthe transfer of melanosomes

SL-Whiting® C 280is apowerfulwhiteningagent possessing two whitening mechanisms of inhibiting tyrosinase activity and the transfer of melanosomes. SL-Whiting® C 280 is belong to the competitive inhibition agent and non-reductive inhibition agent with the stable structure.

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