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Product Description
COSROMA is a China-based Beta-Arbutin producer. We have a 28,000 square meter large factory in Guangdong, euqipped with large scale prodution facilities and independent R&D center, our factory can output over 30,000 tons of various kinds of personal care ingredients, ranging from active ingredients, pepitides, emulsifiers, thickners, surfactants, preservatives to botanical extracts.

Introduction on Beta-Arbutin
Beta-Arbutin can significantly inhibit the accumulation of tyrosinase in the cortex. It has bleaching-like effect on the skin. Beta-Arbutin can be used to prevent skin pigmentation and freckles, which is stronger than kojic acid and ascorbic acid. Beta-Arbutin inhibits the degradation of proteins, such as insulin, in vitro, alleviates and reduces the irritation of the skin and hair by surfactants or hair dyes, and also promotes the growth of skin cells and helps heal wounds. Human skin cells in vitro experiments showed that arbutin could significantly improve the cell growth rate.

Specifications of COSROMA Beta-Arbutin:
Appearance White crystalline powder
Assay Not less than 99.5%
Residue on ignition Not more than 0.5%
Loss on drying Not more than 0.5%
Melting point 199-201(+ 0.5)℃
Specific optical rotation [α]D20= -66°+2°
pH(1% water solution) 5.0 - 7.0
Clarity of water solution Transparent, colorless, none suspended matters
Heavy metal Not more than 10 ppm
Cl- Negative
IPV 1515cm-1 1220cm-1 1050cm-1 +(5-8)cm-1
Arsenic Not more than 2 ppm
Hydroquinone Not more than 10 ppm
Bacteria Not more than 300 cfu/g
Fungus Not more than 100 cfu/g
INCI: Arbutin
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