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Ningbo Yuchen Auto Parts Co., Ltd
Product Description

Auto Parts

Power & garden tools parts

Door & window hardware

Die Casting Mould

Lighting parts

Textile &agricultural machinery parts

Other die casting parts

Contact us

Tel: 0086 574-86233996

Fax: 0086-574-86233998

E-mail: qqb@nbyuchen.com

Add:No.15, Huixin Road, Daqi Street, Beilun, Ningbo, China

Auto parts Manufacturers

Ningbo Yuchen Auto Parts Co., Ltd is a China Plastic Parts Manufacturers and auto Parts factory,precision machining, surface treatment products as one of the major manufacturing companies, our Plastic Parts are widely used in automobiles, power tools, garden tools , textile machinery ,cash register and so on.Company is located in Daqi industrial park, Beilun, Ningbo, we are constantly working on, with advanced management, sophisticated equipment and strict process control to provide auto Parts We have been adhering to the "people-oriented
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Contact Us
Ningbo Yuchen Auto Parts Co., Ltd
Address:No.15, Huixin Road, Daqi Street, Beilun,Ningbo, China
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