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hair care peptide Oligopeptide-54
Product Description
hair groeth peptide decapeptide-18/Oligopeptide-54/decapeptide-10

1. Oligopeptide-54 (CG-Nokkin) : activating WNT signal,Strong BMP Blocker, promotes hair growth and inhibits depigmentation of hair. Strengthens hair while stimulating hair follicles to produce healthier hair. Helps blood circulation in the scalp and revitalizes hair follicles.

2. Decapeptide-10 (CG-Keramin2) : activating hair growth signa,l DKK-1 Down Regulator, promotes new hair cell proliferation and migration which induce strong hair follicle and hair shaft.

3. Decapeptide-18 (CG-WINT) : Stimulator of hair placode formation, generates de novo hair through activated β-catenin signal which is a key mechanism of differentiating hair follicle epithelial stem cells into hair keratinocyte cells.

All these cosmeceutical peptides are supplied as powder form with purity 95%.

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INCI: Oligopeptide-54
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