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CosDNA > Ingredients Buying > Chengdu Youngshe Chemical Company > cosmetic ingredient pentapeptide-53 for younger skin
cosmetic ingredient pentapeptide-53 for younger skin
Product Description

Product Description
Name: Pentapeptide-53
CAS No. : N/A
Sequence :His-Gly-Asp-Gly-Ser
Molecular formula: C183H305N47O55
Molecular weight : 661.73
Purity: >95.0%
Source: synthetic
MSDS and COA: available
Details: Pentapeptide-53 decreases lipogenesis and promotes lipolysis.
pentapeptide-53 and CG- Obemin for decreasing lipogenesis

Packaging & Shipping
Plastic bottle, 0.1 gram/bottle, 1 gram/bottle or according to the customer's requirements. (Packing)

FeDex, DHL, EMS or by air. (Shipping)
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