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CosDNA > Forum > Skincare Talk > Painfully dry skin on forehead doesn't heal, please help...
Painfully dry skin on forehead doesn't heal, please help...
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2017-10-09 21:12
For the last 6 months or so, I have had these two patches on my forehead, which has gotten bigger and bigger. They are now the size of a couple golf balls. So doctors on two occasions over the past few months have told me to just moisturise it. However this is obviously not working, I was wondering if anyone on here could offer any solution or if anyone has similar problems?
Here are things I've tried:
- Moisturising after showers
- Moisturising and re applying whenever it gets itchy or flaky
- Minimal moisturising (as too much sometimes seems to make it very fragile)
Basically it goes in a cycle:
1. Red and smooth
2. Bumpy
3. Flaky
4. Cracked but healing
5. Extremely red
6. Repeat
And this cycles through probably every week or two
Please please help anything would be great, it is extremely distressing and agitating... can't get to sleep etc.
For More : video animation
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