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Niacinamide vs Vitamin C
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2017-07-18 04:32
Hi everyone!

Recently, I've been reading a lot about Niacinamide and Vitamin C.

I realized that most of my skincare routine products have Niacinamide on them. But I also love to use some Vitamin C.

I've been searching information on the internet and found out that there are really oposite opinions about this...

In one hand, there are people that assure that as long as the quantity or proportion of those ingredients are not remarkable, it doesn't matter...

But in the other hand, there are people who thinks that is really bad to mix them.

So....I'm a bit confused....

What do you think about this?
I would love to read some of your opinions

Thanks for your time!
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2017-07-28 17:48
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When you mix niacinamide with something that has a pH below roughly 4.5, it converts to nicotinic acid (also known as niacin), which can cause flushing and tingling sensations. The flushing often occurs with oral supplementation of niacin, too.

This conversion happens when you mix niacinamide with the acid form of vitamin C (known as l-ascorbic acid), which is generally found in products at or below a pH of 3.5 (for greater stability and absorption). Non acidic forms of vitamin C will not cause this reaction. The flushing & tingling doesn't necessarily happen to everybody, but it's fairly likely to occur.

If using both ingredients together causes unwanted facial flushing & tingling, use them at different times of the day (e.g. niacinamide AM and l-ascorbic acid PM), try a different form of vitamin C (e.g. tetra C), or perhaps trying layering products in between the two (no idea if that would work).
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