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acne prone skin with heavy sagging needs skincare line
2016-06-02 07:14
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I am 55 yrs old and have congestion. I also just broke out with terrible cystic acne after trying a line by Rhonda Allison. My skin is sensitive to any oil, dehydrated but normal otherwise. I also have sagging skin. Today I noticed a new deep line off my mouth which has deep lines.
I am in need to find a product line that will clear up the acne and firm up my face!
I did try Laneige's Brightening Sparkling Water Foam CLeanser. I liked it very much. My complexion cleared. Downside was that when I ran out, the Target stopped carrying it. I tried the Water Bank Serum at the same time. I was looking for something to plump my skin. Didn't find it.
I tried products by Laroche-Posay - not happy.
I tried Bare Minerals Clay Cleanser - not happy.
I then tried Rhonda Allison for 3 weeks and boom! The Cystic acne with the very heavy sagging wrinkle.

2016-07-25 08:03
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Have you tried curology? They helped my daughter who had "had" acne and redness. Not anymore! The dermatologists work with your skin type and come up with a formula just for you. I decided to try it due to my redness,aging, and brownspots. One month in, a tremendous improvement on texture, redness and still waiting for the sagging but that takes time. Also, thank god I found seba med moisturizer! Unbelievable difference! Go to and give it a try. I know you will be happy, we sure are. Best of luck

Clad those products work for you. The score on the ingredients on Seba Med Moisturizer doesn't looks good for acne when ran through the database though. –
2020-01-22 06:08
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Your question is exactly my issue!!! I need anti-aging and lifting but I break out so easily and am prone to get cysts.

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