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Makeup for dry, acne prone skin
2016-04-13 11:20
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I was wondering if anyone can suggest some good makeup ( foundation, concealer and pressed powder foundation) for dry, sensitive and acne prone skin?? It feels like at this point I've tried it all

Hemp seed oil for moisturizer, terre mere Mineral foundation and neutrogena naturals face wash! I have done tons of research and testing to find that! –
2017-03-17 06:30
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I used cover fx for concealer. It doesn't clog skin and helps acne to go away. Also, covers redness well. Not strong enough to cover any dark spot.

Smash box's photo finish primerizer is absolutely the best way to go. It protects, nourishes, moisturizes and allows you to decorate your face as you –
2017-06-27 23:59
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So far the only thing that's been working for me is the Armani Luminous Silk foundation & Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. Everything else breaks me out! I put a tiny bit of evening primrose oil on my face before application.

2017-10-14 12:03
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Start by covering with silly putty and extra putty for craters. This should help.

2017-12-28 16:38
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Hi! im using maybelline fit me matte and poreless and it works really well on my skin. And also i'm using cosrx bha, aha 7 & snaiil 96 mucin as my night skin care routine. xo!

2020-03-25 06:36
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I really like using "Covergirl Clean" for my face powder. I just saw that they also have "Covergirl clean sensitive" powder.

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