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Any recommendation For good cleansing balm/oil?
2020-09-22 21:06
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I use many cleansing oil ( muji, dhc, banila co) and most of it breaks me out so bad. Especially on my forehand and hairline.

Is there any good cleansing oil/balm products that u can recommend for me?

Thank you!

2020-10-02 07:12
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I have combination skin that is slightly sensitive and acne prone and I love Pharmacy Green Clean and Clinique take the day off is also another good one that is non-comedogenic.

2020-10-07 04:55
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For sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend the green clean, becuase it has fragrance. For a balm, use oat cleansing balm by the Inkey list. For Oil, which is my preferred, I would use the DHC cleansing oil or Rohto Mentholatum - Hada Labo Gokujyun Cleansing oil. Of course you need to make sure you remove this with a water based cleanser after using, to make sure you get the oil off.

2020-10-20 12:50
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The Purito From Green Cleansing Oil has a REALLY good ingredient list, pretty much all 1s on here and I think only one 2.

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