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For Really Really Really Shiny Skin Please Help Me Out
2020-06-18 05:36
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I want a really really really shiny skin like whenever i see someone with shiny skin looks like they just had their head in highlighter i get so jeaulous. Please somebody can help me out about picking a moistrizer that can give me that shine and i can also use it under my heliocare spf 50 light gel cream. I am giving you what i am using as a sunscreen cause it is a sunscreen it doesnt go well with some of the moistrizers. I mean for example whenever i use la roche posay ultra fluide toleriane under this sunscreen its brokes the sunscreen and makes my face looks like a dessert. But i do have a another moistrizer that i used to put it under,it wasn't giving me any problem at all it was looking great but here is a thing that moistrizer was causing me such a bad acne. Yeah i have also really bad acne prone skin. My skin type is karma, acne prone, really sensitive skin. So i am asking you guys for a moistrizer that can give you shine but wouldnt break your bb cream type sunscreen and also wouldn't cause any acne or irritation. I don't know is there a moistrizer like that but i wanted to take a chance and ask you guys maybe you can help me out about this.

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