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Sodium chloride
(NaCl, Natrum muriaticum)

Molecular Weight: 58.443
Cas No:7647-14-5

Hydrophilic Thickener; Bulking agent
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Last edited:2012-08-20
2014-09-20 23:34
This is a 5 on the comedogenic scale :)
2014-12-15 21:34 
Really? Salt is comedogenic???
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2016-09-08 22:40
管理员 氯化钠是高度粉刺(5)(刺激0-3)。所以请更改数据。谢谢。^_^
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2016-09-28 05:19
Salt gives you acne! Try to avoid this ingredient! It is in many foundations like MUFE, Kat Von D, Clinique, etc... Believe me, I really want to use them, but because of this goddam ingredient I can't...
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