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Myristyl Lactate
Tetradecyl Lactate
Cas No:1323-03-1
Solvent, Synthetic ester, Skin conditioning, Emollient

MF: C17H34O3 MW: 286.4g/mol

For anybody out there that has acne-prone skin. This product can clog pores and cause you to break out.

Myristyl lactate is a white, wax-like solid made from Lactic acid and esters of Myristyl alcohols. It is used as a skin lubricant and emollient with excellent softening properties, which makes skin and hair soft to the touch. It reduces glare, stickiness, and other effects of oil while also helping to prevent drying from alcohols and protect skin and hair. It also helps promote skin absorption of pharmaceuticals.

乳酸肉荳蔻酯是一種白色的蠟狀固體,由乳酸和肉荳蔻醇的酯製成。 它用作皮膚潤滑劑和潤膚劑,具有出色的柔軟性,使皮膚和頭髮的手感柔軟。 它減少了眩光,粘性和油脂的其他影響,同時還有助於防止酒精乾燥並保護皮膚和頭髮。 它還有助於促進藥物對皮膚的吸收。

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